Can't stop worrying? Feel restless?

Avoiding a particular situation?


We can help! In fact, right now, take a deeeeep breath. As you exhale slowly, you can begin to feel your mind calming down, letting go, quieting the confusion.

Do you feel like you are losing control? Can't stop your obsessive thoughts and ruminations? Or are you struggling with fear of a particular situation/object such as flying, public speaking, germs?

Some anxiety is essential for getting things done, but excessive anxiety or fears can debilitate you from daily life, and can produce physiological symptoms as well as psychological symptoms. Do you feel like you mind races at 100 miles an hour, day and night?  Does it interfere with your sleep or social life? Do you feel that you are here, but your mind is somewhere else all that time?

Your mind is constantly busy. You must feel exhausted. You need a break from your thoughts! You are losing your precious life! I know, all your thoughts pop up automatically. You are not sure how to stop them. 

Change is possible. We offer a customized program for you to overcome anxiety/fears. Our work together will help you to learn how to keep worries at bay and enjoy life. Let’s break the worry habit before it breaks you.


You are important, you matter. Let's get started.


                      Services Offered                         

Lifescape Counseling provides individual, couple, and group counseling. Treatment specialization for Anxiety/Fears, Depression, Couple Counseling, Grief and Loss, Self-Esteem, Stress Management/Relaxation, Life Transition issues, Culture Adjustment.


 To Make an Appointment


To make an appointment at 734-237-3589. Lifescape Counseling is located in West Bloomfield Michigan. Our office is easy to access from Novi, Farmington Hills, and Bloomfield Twp.

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