Are disproportionate emotions disabling you?

No longer feel pleasure from anything?

Depression can happen to anyone. Depression hits different people in different ways. You may have recently experienced an existential crisis, or you may have lost something close to the heart. Or, you may have encountered a number of disheartening events and things in the past. However, it's not necessary that we know where it comes from. We know for sure though, it hurts so badly.

Somehow happiness and sadness get off balance. Happiness disappears and sadness becomes your primary feeling. Your mind feels disorientated, and you feel like you are not being yourself. You almost feel like you are absent from yourself. You feel frightened. Just as waves erode rocks, sadness gradually wears down your heart. You feel lost, and you feel smothered by destructive thoughts and emotions. You feel exhausted, and you feel terrified of the uncertainty of the future and of falling down into a bottomless darkness.

We know that you are trying to get through depression on your own, and we can understand that you are trying to ignore your unpleasant feelings and you are hoping these feelings go away. Aren't those feelings getting louder and louder inside of you, and even intensifying? Aren't you getting scared and wonder how long you can manage those intense emotions? 

It is time to get additional help. Let's end emotional anguish, and bring peace and love back to your life. Together we can learn how to deal with those difficult emotions, and we can develop a healthy way to relate with them. 

Lifescape Counseling combines and integrates various modalities/techniques. Here are some examples of what we can offer for depression treatment.


·         Cognitive and Behavior Interventions

·         Developing a Mindful Lifestyle

·         Dealing with setbacks

·         Interpersonal Interventions

·         Mind and Body Connection

·         Promoting the Purpose and Meaning of Life

·         Relaxation Training


Let’s not pretend everything is ok any longer. Have the courage to call us today.



                      Services Offered                         

Lifescape Counseling provides individual, couple, and group counseling. Treatment specialization for Anxiety/Fears, Depression, Couple Counseling, Grief and Loss, Self-Esteem, Stress Management/Relaxation, Life Transition issues, Culture Adjustment.


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To make an appointment, please call us at 734-237-3589. Lifescape Counseling is located in West Bloomfield Michigan. Our office is easy to access from Novi, Farmington Hills, and Bloomfield Twp. 


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