Let's Nurture Your Lifescape Together!

We see life as a landscape. As our landscape needs constant care, our life also needs the same care. It won’t be as simple as taking care of our landscape, but we need to find a way to take care of our mind. Like an unexpected strong storm can hit our landscape, unfortunate things can happen in our life. In the case of a life-storm that hits our mind, we feel shattered and our core of self gets shaken. We feel overwhelmed and lost. We are here to help. When the life-storm messed your lifescape up, and when you are not sure how or where to start to picking up the mess, and to take care your lifescape. We are here to guide you how to pick up fallen branches and re-plant seeds and flowers in your lifescape. We will be your partner in your journey.

Our Approach

Our counseling style is empowering, goal-oriented, and positive strength based. We embrace a diversity of viewpoints and collaboration. We believe that there is no one right answer or solution to everyone’s challenges. We will help you to find the uniquely best suited solution for your challenges.


Payment Policy/Method

Payment is due at the start of each session. We accept cash, personal check, or credit cards.


Missed Appointment Policy

For canceling an appointment, a 24-hour notice is required. If you cancel without notice, or fail to keep your scheduled session, you will be charged the full fee for the session.

Lifescape Counseling does not provide emergency services. We operate by appointment only. If you have an urgent situation and need immediate support, please go to the nearest emergency room, or contact your local 911 operator. 

Lifescape Counseling LLC

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